Picking The Golden Apple: Happiness & Success In The Face of Change And Challenges

Picking The Golden Apple:  Happiness & Success In Times Of Change And Challenges (Including 18 Bonus Links)

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Picking The Golden Apple: Happiness And Success In Times Of Change And Challenge

We live in challenging times of relentless change and challenge.   If success is a golden apple, it is the apple that hangs at the very end of the tree branch; the most difficult fruit to touch and pick. It is the fruit that is farthest from our grasp. We cannot reach out and pick the golden apple because our vision is obscured and shrouded by a thick opaque fog.

Constant assaults on our time, our lives and livelihoods can dim our clarity of vision because our automatic response is one of fight or flight.  We become so caught up in what is not, that we are unable to see what can be.

The golden apple is before us, but we cannot grasp it until we can see it through the fog of change, challenges, stressors and opportunities that cloud our vision. The need, greed and ego have felled every empire, fiefdom and corporation in recorded history.  What does not create value for others is destined to crash, burn and die.  Purpose equals profit on a multiplicity of levels.  Our ability to connect with our best selves, do our best work, develop strong relationships, communities of purpose and collaboration is the way forward because success is a ME to WE equation.

Our human need to contribute, to be purposeful, to feel that our lives, our work counts and makes a positive difference is a need we must acknowledge and fed.  It is the timeless flame of human being better, the flame of humanity that burns brightly at times, and may also flicker and waver when we are confronted by changes, and challenges.  It is the magnet that attracts others and helps us develop communities of purpose, communities of shared values and objectives.  It is the fruit at the end of the tree branch that is closest to the golden apple.

Old models of how to live and work will be replaced.  The shift is happening every day.  We cannot survive and thrive the shift without the mindset and heart set that makes the golden apple real. The noblest of words can inspire us, but it is our ability to make these words real that is the fastest way through the fog.

The golden apple at the end of the tree is an apple of connection and contribution.  Picking the golden apple demands more than clarity of sight, it requires clarity of heart, intention and action. The most effective and advanced learning will not take us forward without the courage, faith, humanity and integrity that can help us make the important shift from ME to WE. The apple is before us, seeing it and reaching for it are the most important things we can do!


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