Success At The Speed Of Change-Essential Strengths

Success At The Speed Of Change-Essential Strengths
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Golden EggDateline 2013. Best practices will be created in the now. Workplaces that are mired in a post industrial mindset of playing to strengths and developing rigid silos of talent and expertise will flounder and fall. C Suites that lack gender and ethnic diversity will not take us forward.

Purpose equals profit. Organizations that do not create value for ALL internal/external constituents (employees, clients and community) will wither and die.


Developing environments where meaningful work and engagement thrive has become critical on a multiplicity of levels that impact the business bottom line. Developing learning, living, healthy collaborative, creative work environments (workplace, from multi-locations and virtually) must be reflected in new ways of coaching, training, mentoring that take us forward, faster, smarter and happier. New ways of championing, enabling and actualizing our potential at the speed of change, in the face of challenges, opportunities and crises that will continue to abound.

Social media, transparency, a very informed consumer population, global marketplace,  and a new age of information and innovation
have  changed what it takes to achieve and sustain success. And, as we move into the age of innovation our own definitions of success will also change, because meaning, purpose and the ability to contribute to goals and objectives that fill both our pocketbooks and our souls will become increasingly important.

Employee engagement, customer engagement and the development of relationships that build a bridge of trust and value are the new building blocks of business success.  Business is a human equation, and our ability to optimize and catalyze human potential starts with building strong communities of purpose (actual, digital, social).

Stop.  Reflect.  How often to you read or say that change is hard?  How do you feel frustrated, challenged or stressed by what is?  How often do you feel truly engaged, purposeful and inspired by your work?

Stop.  Reflect.  What would happen if you could reset the internal GPS by enabling your ability to not simply play to strengths, but to use changes, challenges, stressors even failures as a positive lever for your potential and the potential of others?

Stop.  Reflect. Do you want to build a workplace environment where human purpose, potential, creativity, communication, collaboration and success thrive?  Is it time to champion the potential of human being better, not simply working faster than ever before?

Stop.  Reflect. Will you embrace your ability to adapt while championing the values and integrity that can help you LEAD forward?  Is it time to move from overdrive, stasis or complacency by developing the mind-set, skill set and heart set that can take you and those you lead forward?

Our ability to adapt, our potential to engage strengths and transform changes and challenges into a lever for our greatest potential is real.  Is it time to adapt, lead and evolve forward?  Are you ready to reset the individual and organizational GPS by using not only strengths but changes and challenges to REACH?  Is it time to go from NOW to HOW?

Redirect focus
mpower confidence and engagement
ctualize leadership potential
ommunicate effectively (socially, digitally, cross-generationally)
arvest results

Build Your 3Q Edge:  Reset the GPS by USING strengths AND changes, challenges, stressors, even failures to build your greatest potential:  Q1: Enhanced focus, ideation, ability to learn-relearn  Q2: Emotional Intelligence-Resiliency-Communication  Q3:  Integrity, Values, Purpose.  Our ability to use what is to create what can be is real AND critical.

Here are some practical insights and tips to help!

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Are you ready to go from Now to HOW?
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