What Happens When A Toxic Leader Is In Charge?

What Happens When A Toxic Leader Is In Charge? 

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It’s tough at the top, and once you get their, staying there means developing a leadership footprint, a way of thinking, communicating and doing that takes YOUR people forward at the speed of change. The new ecosystem is a trajectory of change, challenges, hyper-competition and opportunities that have become the NEW normal and will only continue to grow. There are many reasons why the focus of my work is the optimization of human potential and results in disruptive times. My passion for 3Q Leadership™ is the fire that lights my day, my work and my commitment to helping those who lead, and those who aspire to greater leadership succeed.

What happens when a toxic leader is in charge?  What happens when those who lead are unable to adjust to the new reality; the new workplace where controlling the model of production, managing and directing people like cogs in a wheel is a recipe for failure. Toxic leaders poison the environment, the pollute the ability of even the best and brightest managers and employees to really excel and contribute. 

The only way to solve a problem is to recognize it. 
•Do you know a toxic leader?
•Do you work for a toxic leader?

•Is it time to help someone who struggles with a leadership style that can and will sink the whole ship get the coaching he needs to shift forward, learn and lead forward?


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The imperative to light a fire, to kindle engagement, collaboration, innovation must be the mandate of every organization and business that wants to survive and thrive.  There is no room, no place for leadership toxicity in an organization that wants to lead and succeed forward. Great business is all about people. Controlling the mode of production, organizing people to take their place as cogs in a standardized wheel with rigid protocols that impede their ability to think, collaborate, innovate and contribute is the path to decline and death. Toxic leaders who push their employees and managers into silent submission will be left with a perfect storm that will erode the people, the potential that is the only hope for a business sustainability and growth.  Is it there hope for toxic leaders?  Yes, if they have the desire to make a critical shift forward. Helping leaders make the behavioral and communication changes that optimize their potential and the potential of others is one of the most critical benefits of excellent executive coaching.

 How do we begin to develop organizational cultures that drive human passion, purpose and potential?  Stay tuned for next week’s post, and a few thoughts on the subject!


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