Wednesday Wisdom: From the Heart

I chose to share my personal thoughts, stream of consciousness today because I believe that our ability to achieve greatness, our ability to transcend and transform the challenges before us is titanic.

I believe that if you are great, you can be greater! If you are stuck, you can move forward! And, if you want to become the change you seek, it is time to make a difference!  

I hope you enjoy this post and welcome your thoughts and feedback!



In a world of change, competition and uncertainty,

greatness lies in finding your greatest purpose and noblest intentions.

If you feel great, you can be greater.

If you feel powerless, stuck or consumed by pain you can use these feelings to find and build your greatest purpose and potential.

I know all about success because I have realized it.

I know about pain, loss, and struggle because I have faced them.

I know about leadership because I have been a leader.

I know all about insecurity because I have been held hostage by my own fears as well as the actions of others.

I know all about being wealthy and having the best of everything. And, I have faced poverty and struggle.

I have learned that our most important strength lies not in who we are, who we were or what we have, but in who we can become when we build our 3Q edge.

I have learned to be happier, stronger and more fulfilled in the face of uncertainty because doing so is the only way forward.

I have learned that greatness means knowing that you have the power to create what can be in your life and the lives of others.

Seize this day and this moment to feel your greatness and use it to not simply fill your pocketbook but your soul because you have a unique purpose and untouched potential.

Seize this day because you have the ability to help build a better tomorrow.

Find the pilot light that illuminates your soul and makes you stronger in the face of pain by igniting your desire to be the difference to make a difference and be the difference.

Fight against the negativity, fear, and anger that will destroy your purpose, your potential, your ability to make a positive difference.

It is the decision to take the road less traveled because those following like sheep will fall off the cliff.

It is not about your past or present, it is about realizing that your greatest power lies in who you can become.

It’s about getting stronger in the broken places, it means fighting for your best self, your noblest intentions, your greatest purpose, your unique contribution to a better world.

Greatness means developing habits of thinking and doing that drive your faith, hope, courage, humanity, and integrity.

It is a purpose that can lead you to hope, faith, courage, integrity, and humanity that will fill your pocketbook and your soul.


Irene Becker | Just Coach