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Frequently Asked Questions

3Q Leadership Insights And Action

What is remarkable about Irene’s work? What is the secret in our sauce?  Knowledge, experience, exceptional results and a commitment to helping people and organizations build their 3Q Edge™ at the speed of change and challenges.

A ten year track history of success helping executives, senior managers, project managers, sales managers, professional coaches/trainers, HR Experts, financial professionals, food scientists, MBA’s, health/dental/legal, writers, authors, professors and professionals optimize time, talent and results!

A unique 3Q Edge™ focus and REACH™ methodology that helps clients go from now to HOW by optimize strengths while also USING changes/challenges to build enhanced ideation, communication and leadership; results that drive a better leadership, communication (social, digital, cross generational), collaboration (team work-actual and virtual teambuilding) as well as a renewed sense of empowerment that  is critical to optimization of purpose, potential and career/business life results.

A commitment to integrity, confidentiality and excellence.  Yes, Irene walks her talk because 3Q Edge™ is more than a model, it is a life commitment to helping smart people and organizations optimize time, potential and results at a speed of change/challenges that is accelerating.


What are the facts YOU need to know?

Being smart and fast are no longer enough, cookie cutter strategies and solutions no longer provide sustainable results. Last year American corporations spent over $10 billion on executive disengagement, presenteeism, absenteeism, communication problems, personal problems; stress induced physical and emotional problems. And, this insidious erosion of our most important asset, human passion, purpose and potential is perhaps the greatest competitive, social and physical threat we face.

You need a whole new focus that can take you forward faster, better and happier. That whole new focus is what Irene’s work and results are all about. What worked before may be obsolete today, mobilizing, optimizing and sustaining the human passion, purpose, creativity, communication, management and collaborative leadership (the human success factors).

What is the 3Q™ Edge?

Your most important advantage in high change, high stress environments. Q1: Enhanced IQ (enhanced focus, ideation, strategic thought) Q2: EQ/EI (emotional Intelligence for greater communication, influence, motivation, resiliency, risk tolerance and engagement) Q3: SQ (values alignment, integrity, purpose; the intrinsic motivators that are critical for leadership and for talent optimization)

Can Irene help YOU make YOUR job search, interview or speech/presentation more successful? Yes. Every actor has a director, every writer has an editor, Irene is the director, the editor, the career manager and marketing advisor who will help you manage your career better, develop YOUR personal brand, building the career marketing materials, resumes, interviewing skills and techniques that drive results in this candidate rich, highly competitive marketplace.

Does Irene coach coaches or do the Leader as Coach Training? Yes, Irene is an exceptional mentor coach and trainer who will develop a custom coaching or training program for you/your organizations.

Is there anything else YOU need to know? Irene takes clients and audiences on an inspiring journey of potential and talent optimization at the speed of change/challenges.

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