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Communication | The Coachable Moment
Five Communication Posts in One

 Irene Becker | | QBlog
Helping smart people & organizations build their 3Q Edge™ Smarter, Happier, Faster


The leader who communicates well succeeds well

Listen better, listen differently; master the art of active listening. You’ll be surprised what you hear
The Coachable Moment

Pause.  Tame the pain.  Retrain your brain and mouth to respond rather than react.  Learn to circumvent the automatic fight of flight response | The Coachable Moment


Improve your ability to tranform  difficult conversations, and get them back on track | The Coachable Moment

Manage strong emotions, difficult situations/conversations by building “constructive discontent” | The Coachable Moment  



Evolve! USE communication challenges to build higher emotional intelligence, improve one to one and one/group life and virtual communication skills | The Coachable Moment

Understand-Do not assume or presume anything. Confirm what the other party wants to convey before you pause and respond | The Coachable Moment


Inspire! Less is often More. Choose your words wisely.  Seek first to listen, to understand, to learn, then speak to the heart of the matter in the language of your audience |  The Coachable Moment


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Irene Becker | | QBlog 
Helping smart people & organizations build their 3Q Edge™ Smarter, Happier, Faster




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