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Why Excellent Managers Delegate Tasks

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Post Views = 1412Enjoy this guest post by Nikki Brooks Management is a tough and, at times, lonely role. It requires a blend of skills and approaches that only a few can bring together successfully. Being an excellent manager means ensuring you are the one with which a problem filtering up stops with, and you […]

4 Important Leadership Conversations

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Post Views = 3309 by Irene Becker, www.justcoachit.com | 3Q Leadership Blog The leader who communicates well succeeds well. Building successful relationships grow in importance at every step of your career, it is particularly critical when going through a transformation, and in stepping into your change agent shoes and helping to build a leadership culture. […]

How to Build Engagement, Buy-In, and Success During a Period of Transformation, Transition or Change

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Post Views = 1818by Irene Becker, CSO, Just Coach It   |  3Q Leadership Blog    How can YOU improve personal and professional results? Inspire the best in yourself and others?  Become an agent of change? A pragmatic optimist and effective leader? Here are ten proven ways to build your ultimate advantage the cognitive dexterity, emotional […]