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6 Effective Ways to Motivate a Passive Employee

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Post Views = 1474Motivation is key to success on so many levels. Learning to motivate others, is a critical skill. Happy to share this guest post by Angeline Lecerio The truth is that almost all employees fall into some degree of being passive in their working lifetime. Direct superiors’ skills often get tested when they […]

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution

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Post Views = 880 “Start your own Grassroots Leadership Revolution today. The world needs great leaders. The world needs you.”  Glain Roberts-McCabe The Grassroots Leadership Revolution is a must-read for leaders who want to develop an organization with fewer barriers to communication, creativity, and collaboration that is not defined by or limited to a rigid […]

Build your ultimate advantage in turbulent times

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Post Views = 984You have heard of EQ/EI (emotional intelligence) but what is 3Q, and how can building three “Q” strengths change and improve your life, your communication, your leadership, and the results you achieve in a VUCA* world?   Click here to learn all about 3Q skills scroll down to take a free 3Q […]