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12 Ways to Turn Overwhelm Around

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Post Views = 806We are living in a time of overwhelm. We have all felt it, many of us deal with it on a consistent basis, and it erodes our potential, our results, and our happiness on a multiplicity of levels. Let’s take a look at what happens when we are stressed or overwhelmed. The […]

Cool Tool-5 min. success step

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Post Views = 610We are living in chaotic times, and the upside of chaos is of course that it is a state generating new solutions and often incredible answers. The downside of chaos is before us each day; record levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. I focus on helping clients use change as an asset, […]

Tips for Leading a Diverse Team

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Post Views = 1249Success is a team sport, and the imperative to communicate, collaborate, and build diverse and inclusive teams has never been greater. Enjoy this guest post by Adrian Johansen. Now more than ever, companies need to prioritize diversity and inclusion. Gone are the days when diversity was solely regarded as a checkbox to […]