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6 Ways to Build Constructive Discontent-A 21C Superpower

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Post Views = 8626 Do you want to communicate and collaborate across boundaries?  Improve leadership and life results? Learn to watch your emotions without judgment or reaction while focusing on your true/most important goals/objectives.  Pie in the sky?  Think again, I have done it and my clients have done it for 14+years.  You too can […]

Wednesday Wisdom: From the Heart

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Post Views = 4502 I chose to share my personal thoughts, stream of consciousness today because I believe that our ability to achieve greatness, our ability to transcend and transform the challenges before us is titanic. I believe that if you are great, you can be greater! If you are stuck, you can move forward! And, […]

7 Ways to Turn Conflict and Communication Problems Around

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Post Views = 4635The leader who communicates well succeeds well, and communication is a linchpin for personal, professional, business success and wellbeing that is particularly critical in disruptive times! Conflict destroys productivity, engagement, empowerment, communication, leadership, and success.  Conflict is an emotionally charged situation that is fueled by incompatible interests, goals, feelings, ideas, values, ethnicity, […]