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How to Build Engagement, Buy-In, and Success During a Period of Transformation, Transition or Change

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Post Views = 1206by Irene Becker, CSO, Just Coach It   |  3Q Leadership Blog    How can YOU improve personal and professional results? Inspire the best in yourself and others?  Become an agent of change? A pragmatic optimist and effective leader? Here are ten proven ways to build your ultimate advantage the cognitive dexterity, emotional […]

3 Tips to Help You Boost Creativity in Your Team

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Post Views = 2516Guest post by Ashley Wilson Leaders have a penchant for inspiring their team members to do their best and achieve great outcomes. Can they inspire creativity too? source: pexels.com Yes, leaders can make team members more creative—and the biggest companies today are already echoing this statement. Google encourages its employees to spend […]

The Greatness Within

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Post Views = 3257 “Great leadership comes down to only two rules: It’s not about you and it’s only about you.” Peter Anderton Our potential to be good, do good and share good is as real as our ability to create darkness, chaos, and decline. Human beings need happiness, inspiration, human contact and the feeling […]