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Tips for Cultivating a Culture of Success in Your Company

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Post Views = 4817The ability to achieve lasting growth and success at your company is often dependent on your workplace culture. While the success of a business is typically a combined effort, it can be heavily reliant on the success of individual employees within their specific roles as well. To help cultivate a culture of […]

Get Rid of Negativity in 10 Minutes or Less

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Post Views = 2830 1. Delete:  Delete an energy stealer or inertia builder that is undermining your ability to transform challenges into solutions. Catch your self when you are thinking a negative thought, say stop or next and shift your focus.  Start right now by deleting one negative thought you have or had today that is […]

How Leadership Styles Impact Employee Productivity

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Post Views = 4611Driving engagement, buy-in, and collaboration across generational and cultural boundaries is critical to success in a VUCA world, and it is one of my professional areas of practice. The difference a change or adaptation in leadership style can make is profound on a multiplicity of levels that impact performance, collaboration, and accountability. […]