Is Your Potential Engaged or Derailed? | Cheat Sheet and Self Test

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5 ways to optimize your potential…AND a self-test to determine if your potential is engaged or derailed. (Including 10 Bonus Links)

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  1. Reach.  Use tools, strategies that help you redirect focus, and focus faster in the face of change, challenges and opportunities. Focus is the mother of success and creativity is its kissing cousin. Like money or nuclear power focus can be used to optimize or derail potential.  Simple tools, geared to your personality, your learning style, your career or organizational objectives can help you focus faster, better on what really counts while helping you learn, ideate, communicate and collaborate faster and better. Build reach, focus on what will help you learn, collaborate and succeed forward.
  2. Empower. Ideation, communication and collaboration are the new anchors of success. Take control over your potential. Find a collaborative partner, an executive coach or advisor whose only agenda is your success; and whose skills and experience can help you not only get greater clarity around your potential while helping you also see the potential in people and ideas/opportunities around you. Develop new ways of thinking, communicating, doing and failing forward that will drive empowerment and engagement at the speed of change. Recognize that your power to learn and relearn is pivotal to your success and the success of those you lead. Teach-Learn-Do-Lead.
  3. Actualize potential by seeing the forest for the treesSee the bottom line. Potential is optimized by our ability to feel that we are contributing.  Understanding your own purpose, and helping those you lead see the purpose in their work, their skills their abilities is critical to leading forward both in terms of employee engagement, stakeholder engagement and the csr initiatives that will continue to become more important to successful organizations and their footprint in the marketplace and community. Remember that purpose = profit
  4. Communicate more effectively across competitive lines, cultural lines and in the face of conflict or challenges in communication and career. Put your money where your mouth is.  Your verbal, written and digital/social communication counts.  Learn how to best position your words in a way that empowers, engages others.  Start developing communication skills that will help you optimize your potential and the potential of others. Develop the communication skills and marketing collaterals that can help you move past career transition or other blips in the road, faster and better.  Use your self talk, your thoughts, your words to build better relationships, improved collaboration with yourself, your direct reports, colleagues, bosses, vendors, and stakeholders.  Use YOUR words to communicate, collaborate and LEAD forward
  5. Harvest your potential and the potential of others.  See your challenges, strengths, wins and failures with new eyes that optimize and catalyze your potential. Let go of anger, frustration, reactivity or stasis.  Embrace your ability to harvest the best in yourself and others.  Communicate, collaborate and LEAD forward by developing 3Q strengths that drive reach, resonance and results at a speed of change. Learn to use not only your strengths but challenges and failures to build three key strengths that you can actualize under stress:  Q1 IQ (Intellectual capacity-Ideation)  Q2 Emotional Intelligence (Perceiving, Reasoning, Understanding and Managing Emotions | Self Awareness and Awareness of Others) Q3 Spiritual Quotient- The alignment with and to your highest values, purpose and power. )


Quick Self-Test: Is Your Potential Derailed or Engaged?

Derailed Engaged
  • Easily fatigued or exhausted?
  • Working   in a messy or disorganized space or fashion?
  • Disinterested   or frustrated by our job?
  • Easily   stressed, angered or in a constant internal state of strife?
  • Frustrated   with your direct reports, and stymied by teambuilding problems, turf wars or   passive aggressive behaviors that derail team dynamics and results?
  • Stuck   in a negative rut, seeing no way to improve your performance or the   performance of others?
  • Easily   confused or frustrated by the actions of others?
  • Focused   on who is against you rather than how you can build collaboration,   cooperation and results?
  • Frantically   putting out fires and reacting to emergencies?
  • Disengaged   unable to think of ways to drive greater engagement and productivity?
  • Energized, motivated?
  • Working   in a neat organized space and with a modus operandi that maximizes results?
  • Engaged,   empowered and challenged by your work?
  • Using   challenges and strengths to learn, lead and communicate better and faster?
  • Helping   those you lead optimize, humanize and monetize results by finding new ways to   improve ideation, learning, communicating, collaborating…doing.
  • Constantly   looking for ways to use both strengths and challenges to improve the way you   learn, communicate and collaborate?
  • Focused,   energized and ready to meet goals and objectives?
  • Developing   the reach and resonance you need to succeed through verbal/inter-personal,   written/ digital -social communication?
  • Responding,   rather than reacting to challenges using them to develop new ways of   thinking, communicating and doing that help prevent emergency situations?
  • Do   you have good ideas for increasing engagement and productivity; ideas you   will build upon, use and execute?

If you answered yes to one or more of the derailment questions it is time to optimize your potential! Go back to the five steps, and find the most important step you can actualize now. The importance and imperative to see your strengths and challenges with new eyes that can help YOU optimize YOUR potential is real, doable and critical!


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Enough?  Almost!  If you are in Toronto, I hope you will join me for the following events.  If you are in London and NYC…stay tuned, coming to you later this year!

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