Performance Optimization & Business Success in Disruptive Times

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Performance Optimization and Business Success in Disruptive Times | 2 Practical, Evidence Based Tips
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Hugh McCleod is spot on. “Business as usual is an oxymoron.” Optimizing performance and achieving business success in disruptive times means embracing a new mindset and skill set that takes us forward faster and better.  Here are two practical evidence based tips on leading forward in disruptive times:


Tip 1. Adapt or die. Stop playing to strengths alone, because it is no longer enough. You can optimize your ability to work faster, but unless you are also building cognitive and emotional adaptability, communication/collaboration and the sense of purpose, mission and grit that drives your best self, best work and best leadership when the chips are down, you will hit a wall because the chips are flying all over the place. Change is the greatest constant we face. Flying chips are the new normal. Embracing our ability to optimize strengths while also using changes as a lever for our great potential is what building YOUR 3Q Edge™ is all about.


Evidence: A recent research study on corporate culture and the fastest growing companies concludes that adaptive cultures contain transformative medicine for most companies, no matter what the industry. Charles O’Reilly, Jennifer A. Chatman, Bernadette Doerr, University of California, Berkeley and David F. Caldwell Santa Clara University, Journal of Organizational Behavior August 2014


 Tip 2. Develop a growth mindset, become a possibility thinker and doer. Build your 3Q Edge™ because your ability to rewrite neural pathways, to develop NEW ways of thinking, communicating and doing that take you forward faster and better is real. Bonus, learning to fail forward, to see failures differently is both empowering and also an important lever for your greatest potential, adaptability and creativity.


Evidence: The Effort Effect-You Will Reach New Heights If You Learn to Tumble, Carol Dweck, Stanford University Magazine, October 2012


Get inspired by what YOU can do, accomplish and achieve. The imperative to get re-inspired by what we can do and achieve at a speed of change and hyper competition is CRITICAL. Organizations that survive will be companies who have the courage, the foresight to step out of the comfort zone and use what is to create what can be. Leadership is a 3Q equation. Build it, grow it, champion it because change is NOT the problem, it’s the solution.


More? YOU Betcha!  Over 700 bonus links to articles, practical tips and infographics


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8 replies
  1. Stuart Davidson (@RealSocialShark)
    Stuart Davidson (@RealSocialShark) says:

    Hey Irene,

    Developing a growth mindset is one way I have adjusted to become more results-orientated.

    I try to keep the 7/10 approach to mind – where I don’t have to spend so much extra time getting things perfect before launching or publishing. It means I can generate results quicker and maintain that ‘doer’ mindset.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.

    – Stuart

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Hey Stuart: Thanks for your comment. Kudos on making the critical shift to a growth mindset. Important to develop one’s ability to be possibility thinker and doer! Look forward to visiting your blog! Kudos on moving forward!

      Hope you continue to enjoy 3Q Leadership Blog…our new website and blog will be up by the end of the month, with more great content and expanded services and programs!

      Best, Irene

  2. Heather Ashton PMP
    Heather Ashton PMP says:

    Command & control is a dying wasteland. Break through the barriers of overlapping systems measuring results. Collaborate with peers for inspiration; continuously improve effective customer interaction. People First!

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Thanks so much for your comments, Heather. I agree wholeheartedly. The challenge of helping organizations and people develop 3Q Leadership strengths that drive engagement, empowerment, ideation, communication, collaboraton and results is something I am passionate about. The imperative to put people and talent optimization first is critical!

      Best, Irene


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