Getting Back On Track When You Have Hit a Wall

A Powerful Story About Getting Back On Track When You Have Hit a Wall

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Brain science concurs that the power of our thoughts is significant in a multiplicity of ways that impact our lives, our work, our ability to reach past what is and create what can be.   In many ways we become our words and our thoughts.

This  story was told to me by Peter Reinhart, Chief Marketing Officer, Wizz Marketing, a man whose integrity, creativity and courage inspire me!   I am a sharing it because there is nothing that hits home like a good story!

Discouraged?  Frustrated?  Perhaps You Have Hit A Wall? Part of the course in race car driving has students going around a hairpin turn at high speed. Teaching students how to negotiate hairpins turns is a critical part of their training.



Imagine…. a huge concrete wall at end of straightaway with a hairpin turn taking you in the opposite direction to another straightaway. Students are instructed – Don’t look at the wall – look to where you need go.

90% of the students start out and do what?… Look at the wall… Guess how many hit the wall?… every one of them! Over the course of weeks they are drilled and drilled on not focusing on the wall but looking down the inside of the track and around the corner to the next straightaway. The wheels are screaming. The rubber is burning. The wall is scary close. They learn that where you focus is where your car will go.

Eventually they get better and better at focusing on where they need to go and stop looking at wall. Once they accomplish that skill the speed they can take the corner gets faster and faster. It is not that wall doesn’t exist – race car driving students just refuse to focus on it.

The key lesson is – Focus on where you need to go – stop looking at the wall…. You will hit whatever you focus on.  As long as you focus on avoiding the wall – the higher the probability that you will hit that wall!  It is almost as if you give your demon life. Stop breathing life into your demon-stop focusing on the wall! Don’t verbalize it. Don’t focus on it. Don’t allow it to exist in your brain. If a wall exists it doesn’t matter. What should you do?  Focus on where you need to go.  Focus on the straightaway right behind the turn. Focus on the inside of the track. Point your car where you want to!


At a time when challenges abound, in an era where there will be a continuity of change, challenges and opportunities…hope lies in retraining our brain to be solution focused, to see the walls we face with new eyes Eyes that take us forward, faster, better and happier!  Pie in the sky?  Think againClick on the blue text, learn how I honed my ability to move forward faster, better and happier when I hit a number of BIG walls.   Think about your ability to move past the walls you face.  Carpe diem, because the power to use the challenges we face to drive solutions is REAL, it is the power of our 3Q Edge™

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