From Goodness to Greatness

By Irene Becker,  Chief Success Officer, Just Coach It,

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Most of us look around at the landscape of our lives, work and world and are touched not by an unabated enthusiasm to be living in the Age of Innovation,  but  by a sense of deep angst; a feeling that something is wrong in the world, something dark, something volatile, something that will either touch our life or the life of someone we care about.

And, when I look at the movies, media, music that we produce I wonder if those who will study our culture a hundred years from now will not come to the conclusion that we were angry barbarians with sophisticated technology.

Anger seeps from too much of what we create; and, as we partake in making anger and violence a steady part of the music we listen to, the movies we see, the articles that we read, the conversations that we have we are feeding our soul with garbage…and you know the expression—garbage in, garbage out.

Repairing the links starts with our own personal power to make positive changes in our own life, in the thoughts we think, in the actions we take, in the conversations and interactions we have with others.

We are social animals, and most of us thankfully possess a moral core that needs to be filled; and, when it is not we find ourselves living hollow lives at half mast.

We can be making a great financial living or just scraping by, but as soon as our survival needs are met if we are not living lives and working at jobs that fill our pocketbooks and our souls, we are diminishing our power to reach that joy spot, that place of personal contentment where we can appreciate the good in ourselves and in the world around us.

And, when we lose our joy spot, we lose the imagination, strength and power to dip into the reservoir of humanity within to engage our own passion, purpose and potential. Human life is a journey that must ignite a passion for the possible, and if it does not then we are remain in the clutches of anger or dissatisfaction.

While we live in a world where many would laugh at goodness being a conduit for greatness, I think that there is no laughter in goodness; because, the marketplace and our lives  only reward the creation of value.

Value cannot be created without goodness, without a renaissance of the universal values, the power of humanity that is the seedbed for sustainable success.

Human goodness is a virtue that has for too long been sneered at when it should be revered and cultivated in our lives our workplaces, in our hobbies and pastimes, in our entertainment.

There is power in goodness, and it is a power the ignites the possibility of each human being to take small and large steps to help heal, restore and rebuild a better life, better community, better business and a better world. We are not powerless, we are powerful but our power lies in using the intelligence of our emotions to guide good thoughts that lead actions that create value in our lives.

Pie in the sky?  Think again.

Facts: If someone did something for you today that represented service above self, and you paid that service above self forward to 3 other people who in turn paid it forward to 3 more. And, the day after those 27 people paid service above self forward to three other people.  And, every day everyone in turn paid service above self forward to 3 other people in two weeks 4,782,969 would have created acts of personal leadership of human goodness and integrity.

The last century saw the deaths of over 100 million people due to war and violence.  The New Economy  at the end of the 20th Century was a bubble that burst. As we push forward in the 21st century it is not the technology or the power of our intellect that can save us from the problems we have created, or help us to build better businesses, better communities and a better world.

It is the power of our heart to communicate with our head.  It is the power of personal leadership that will define our ability to rise up to the challenges we face so that we can step up to the plate and do our part to contribute, collaborate and create a better life, better economy, better communities and a better world.

.  Personal leadership and the sustainable success and fulfillment we achieve in our lives, careers and businesses means living and leading from goodness to greatness. It is not a station in life or business, it is a state of thought and of being that can change your life and the lives of others, one powerfully positive step, one individual, one business, one organization at a time.

It is a time to remember that true power is not the ability to command, control or acquire, rather it is the power to lead; to use our head, heart and spirit to serve the greater good in whatever small or big way we can. (Sharing a 3 minute clip I hope speaks to your head and heart

We are but one people, one human race, sharing one planet; and, the closer we get to repairing the links in our enormous human chain the healthier, happier and more prosperous we will all become.

Is Goodness Good for Business? These are my thoughts.  Send me yours!

Irene Becker

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    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Yoshua: Thank you so much for our simply wonderful note! I am so glad that you are retweeting from Goodness to Greatness! There are other goodness to greatness posts on my Q blog, including is Goodness Good for Business and Goodness to Greatness Leadership. Also, there is a post called The Secret to Peace and Prosperity that I think you will enjoy very much! I hope you will read them and send me your feedback:)

      Thank you so much for sharing goodness to greatness. Also do send me your twitter handle so I can follow YOU:)

      Look forward to staying in touch.

      Warmest regards, Irene


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