Possibility Thinking: A Dream With A Destination

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Each day we wake up to a new page, a new chance to have a date with destiny, to pick a dream with a destination, a goal that has personal meaning and momentum.  Every day we wake up to despair or discovery.

Our truth, our reality does not depend on what happens to us, but rather on the feelings and thoughts that we choose to embrace.  We create what we feel and think when we rise to greet the dawn and move on through our day. Possibility or the lack thereof, defines our thoughts and feelings every day, every way.  Despair or discovery.  Possibility or impossibility.  Chaos or challenge.  Our choice.  Our life.

Miracles are not outside us, they are within us and they start with possibility thinking.  With a mindset that focuses not on what was but on what can be, on defining a personal dream with a destination.  It is the unique power that we all have in our fingertips, in the individual unique imprint each individual has to create something from nothing.

Miracles starts when we can move away from ego, move away from distractions that help us to avoid looking at what we really want and what we can truly be.  The miracle can start right now.  The miracle is YOU.  And it starts when you reach out to hoist yourself away from the incessant din of negativity to the realm of possibility thinking.  To a place where what we get matters less than what we can give.

How can we embrace the joy of possibility?  It starts now.  It means moving past the complacency and mediocrity that surrounds us and embracing our purpose and potential.  It is the stuff that inspired men and women to discover the wheel, electricity or to achieve space travel, crack the DNA code and the many other positive achievements that are markers of human imagination and possibility.

One of my favorite marketing experts and a fabulous creative, innovative business mind, Seth Godin, speaks loudly and clearly in his books to the value of thinking out of the box.  One of his brilliant ideas is not to brainstorm ideas but rather to “go to the edge.”  Mr. Godin defines “going to the edge” as taking an idea to the extreme of possibility and working back from there to areas of thought and creativity that are more reasonable and doable.  If we want to be possibility thinkers, we can start with going to the edge of our dreams.  We can begin by defining the boldest, brightest vision of what we truly want and working backwards from this bold vision to where we will be.

History clearly shows us that things are impossible until they are not. Possibility speaks to us from our fingertips, from our unique imprint and presence in this world.  We can seize the day and embrace possibility or remain stuck in mediocrity and complacency.  I challenge you this day and this week to “go to the edge” of your dreams. Stop right now.  Go to the edge of possibility. Think about not only what you can get, but what you can give and share.   Dance boldly with your purpose and passion.  Create a dream with a destination.

© Irene Becker www.justcoachit.com

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  1. Peg Gillard (@gracinginfinity)
    Peg Gillard (@gracinginfinity) says:

    We get so caught up in the “now” that we forget there are an infinite number of choices we can make at any given moment, any number of directions a scenario can take. Lest we foreget~we should just breathe before we choose in order to take the time necessary to examine the infinite.

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Dear Peg: Thank you so much for your very sage advice and comments. YOU are so right! The ability to remember our power to make positive and powerful choices is so important, as is our understanding of the infinite.

      Very best! Irene

  2. Sandi Schutzenhofer
    Sandi Schutzenhofer says:

    Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas within the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I ‘m glad to came right here! Thank you for sharing the such details with us

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Sandi, Thanks for your kind note. I am glad that the blog is of service, and encourage you to return as there is new content posted regularly, and you can also search the blog for career, communication, leadership posts, quizes as well as inspiring articles.

      Very best! Irene


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